Frequently Asked Questions

Is some content not displaying correctly?

It is important that you use the most updated version of the Mozilla Firefox internet browser to access myCourses. Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded here.

For instructions on how to download and install Firefox, Windows users click here and Mac users click here

If content is not displaying correctly, you may also need to clear your cache (temporary internet files). Visit for browser-specific instructions on how to clear your cache.

Are you having trouble watching Videos?

If you encounter issues watching videos in a course, your Adobe Flash player may be out of date. An updated version can be downloaded here.

For complete instructions on how to download and install Adobe Flash Player using Firefox, click here.

Can't play or record audio using the Voice Author tool?

If you see a blank white space where the audio player should be, you may need to update or reconfigure Java on your computer.
First, download and update to the latest version of Java from this website.
  • Click here to learn how to install Java on a Windows computer.
  • Click here to learn how to install Java on a Mac computer.

Once Java is updated, click here to install a special Firefox Add-on. Once installed, click the green "A" button that appears in the top right corner of Firefox to activate it.
  • For complete instructions on installing and activating this Firefox add-on, click here.

Other Plugins

A plug-in is a software program that enhances the capabilities of a web browser. There are a wide variety of plug-ins available to enhance your online experience from audio and video players to all types of software applications. If your course content incorporates multimedia or requires that you view slide shows or read pdf files, you may need to use the plug-in link located at the bottom of the Browser Results window to access the many plug-ins myCourses has made available for you. If you are uncertain which plug-in you need, compare the examples listed below to the particular course file you are trying to open.

Most used Plug-ins:

If you do not have the Microsoft Office suite of software, consider installing these plug-ins as well: